“Your cousin was delicious”
Tobii, ????, 2022
“Are you suggesting that my physical manifestation doesn't extend beyond my cranial region?”
Sugar Puff, ????, 2022
"I have dyslexia in my mouth"
Ol' Frien', ????
I don’t want his nipples
Tobii, ????, 2022
"I can't hear the baby gorilla toes"
Alleycat, ????
"Bruh the sky is warping"
Tobii, 25th Jun, 2022
"I get haunted by noodles"
Sugar Puff, 30th May, 2022
“Like a f*cking buff rectangle”
Tobii, ????, 2022
"Why does Rossi look like a wet sausage"
Tobii, 16th Jan, 2022
"I hope you two get parasites in your butt"
Meemaw Puddin', 23rd Nov, 2021

Reccuring Dream Character Profiles:

Ol' Frien':
An old friend Who I definitely wasn't in a secret army with as their commander of war.
Sugar Puff:
Deffinitly a real person 'n not a mechanical being who has found their place amongst humans.
Resident horse girl despite the name.
PeePaw Davey:
Spooky scary r/niceguys step-daddy-o.
Pork Chop:
Someone who's annoyin'.
Meemaw Puddin':
Someone else who's annoyin'.
Collector of seemin'ly dead things, resident cool guy.
Creepy, uncool dude who would communicate w/ me occasionally.
My lovely, deffinitley not evil, pussy-cat.
Doll Face:
Friend-o whomst collects ducks.
Various teachers; a thousand faces.
That one person.
There are more characters, however they are either one time characters or from games/tv shows 'n will be labled so in the journal entry.
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