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πŸŽΈπŸ“ΌWigging out w/ TobiiπŸ“ΌπŸŽΈ

'Sup Bruh, ya finally decide ta drop by my totes dope webcity. While here, ya better get all up n' personal with the rulez of my domain or else I'll hunt ya down 'n you'll never see the light of day again. :D

Once ya done diggity done dat, feel free ta peruse through my webcity. Come chit chat w/ me I'm always down for makin' new homies. Ya can find the shiznit 'bout me over on the 'BOUT ME! page.

≻────── β‹†βœ©β‹† ──────≺

My webcity is made totes for fun, so like don't expect anythin' amazin' or nofin. I made dis ditty ta be able ta chillz out 'n talk 'bout my day 'n make friendz, 'n I ain't want nofin ta disrupt dat, so ya better keep in line. Good 'Ol colourful language is all g as long a ya keep it down. More 'bout dat in the CHAT W/ ME! page.

My current life on site is semi-active, 'cause I'm still makin' it wack as, but don't expect yours truly ta be on dis every day yo.

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