'Bout Me 'n How Cool I am!

A Lil' 'Bout Me!
Heya! The names Tobias but everybitty calls dis beautiful hunk dat's me Tobii! Ya can call me whatevs, 'n s'kinda cute if ya gimme a new nickname. Dis here webcity was created in the hopes ta find new hosts friends ta talk w/ 'n consume get ta know!

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Hobbies + Interests
When ya bruh's off the clock I'm wiggin' out 'n doin' a bunch 'o stuffs. I partake in the act of crochetin' 'n drawin'. Dese here human activites are totally up my alley as relaxin' dings ta do after a long day of overthrowin' 'n invadin' the human species tough work! Playin' games is also fun! Humans are so quick ta anger when playin' dem, s'funny! Ya can talk ta me 'bout games but I have a limited knowledge due ta my current vessle's limited mental capacity ... Movin' on! I am slowly learnin' new stuffs, like languages, for very human reasons. I sometimes study Norwegian Bokmål language w/ a very real Furby friend who has successfully intergrated w/ human society! Favourite foods deh not exsist w/ me bc all food is tasty, especially humans.

Come 'n hang in the Webcity!

My Stuffs!

NAME: Tobii
SPECIES: Parasite
AGE: Fermenting
LOCATION: Convenient

💿Chill out w/ me
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