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|| Fuck me dudes I'm still alive lmao. Took a break but I came back taday w/ motivation 'n managed ta complete the CHATROOM!!!! So now ya guys can talk ta me. Idk when I'll be back but hopefully I can finish a few more things in the comin' days.

|| Hullo yo, I am alive. I'm finally working on the CHATROOM layout after a lil', it's gonna take a lil' while tho since I have lots of priotrities for the next few months, but Imma keep doin' small updates very now 'n then. I'm also still workin' on the DREAM JOURNAL entries but it's takin' a lot longer than I thought since I have lots of detailed dreams. But hopefully progress won't be as slow as it has been but don't be surprised if an unexpected hiatus happens lol.

|| I done did another entry ta the DREAM JOURNAL page, even tho ya can't get ta it yet 'n prolly won't until I get a majority of it done. Gonna work on another one tomoz, takin' one entry at a time since I feel crook but I wanna get it done.

|| Holy fuck guys 'm alive. #YODO. I half did the DREAM JOURNAL page, gonna do more of it when I finish writin' the entries but I got a lot ta work w/ here, 30+ dreams that I gotta write in so it'll take a bit but hopefully this sparks a return in my updates lmao.


|| Popped in ta do a lil' of the HOME page 'n 'm gonna work on some gifs ta put on there as links 'n stuff but I gotta lot ta do taday so I'm cuttin' it short until I can come back ta do some more.

|| 'M back bozos, I've updated the theme of the updates page, gonna try 'n get the home page done as well but 'm not makin' any promises lol. 'M still a lil' unhappy with how things look 'n I wanna add more stuffs. 'M hopin' ta set up the chatroom soon so I can get ideas 'n feedback 'n stuffs.

|| Guys, guys, guys- guess who decided ta fix the vibe of dis place. The Rulez, Extra Stuffs 'n About pages have been changed ta fit the original aesthetic I had planned for dis webcity. I wanted more of a "miami" theme but somehow it turned inta a "cyber" theme so I fixed half of my current pages- gonna do some more tomoz!

|| My bitchass updated again yodo. I been workin' on the the fuckin' extras/friends/I don't even know anymore page 'n managed ta get it lookin' somewhat okay I guess. Prolly gonna change it up but its whatevs. It's avaliable ta see but it ain't that special. ya win some ya lose some, I'm checkin' out see ya whenever I decide ta come back ta this shizz.

|| Whoop guess who decided ta come back. I did some work on the rulez page 'n managed ta complete it, truth be told I started the rulez page on the 10nth but I felt like crap so I didn' make an update 'bout it. But I finished it taday. I'll probably go back 'n fix it up a lil' but fo now it looks gud.. ish. At dis point in time I have 'bout half of the pages I want done. I still gotta work on the FRIENDS, BLOG, ARTWORKS 'n CHAT w/ ME 'n I woulda done some taday but I'm gettin' a shoulder cramp so I ain't gonna.

|| S'been a while since I done shizz on here but I got the motivation ta finally work on some more stuffs. I worked on some layout stuffs 'n am currently working on the 'bout 'n rulez page 'n dey should be completed taday. Back'in 'ere again ta let ya know I completed the 'bout page 'n in the process broke the home page so now I gotta fix dat but I'll get ta it when I get ta it. Rulez page will not be done taday bc I'm tired but it's comin' tagether. Re-done diggity the layout of the homie page, s'lookin' good 'n I'm happier w/ it since it matches the rest of my pages now. Afta all the re-work taday my updates page could use a lil' spicin' up but dat'll come l8r. Dat'll be it for taday since I'm gettin' a shoulder cramp but I'll be back again.

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|| I was gonna come 'n do more on the webcity yesteryear but I got sick; I'm still feelin' bit under the weather, but I did a lil' layout update on the updates page. I'm hopin' ta start on my 'bout page tomoz but we'll see how I go.

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|| I've been takin' time off of my webcity for a skip so I don't get so overwelmed with thingys. Taday I didn' actually do nothin' I just wanna say that I'm planning ta make an art page. I only thought of it just now while I was drawin' but Imma prolly not update for a tickle but I'll for sure be back 'n makin' shizz again. (I shimmied back in 'n added some blinkers ta the updates page yo.) So I didn' plan ta do anthin' but here I am at almost midnight when I should be catchin' Z'z with a freshly done home page! 'Least I can say is that I am totally down with how s'lookin' now 'n I can move my other pages forward in my definitely very bizzy schedule.

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|| I worked a lot on the layout of the home page. Made it kinda functional but it's whatevs. Not much other then dat but s'okay bc at least it looks purrty now. :D

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|| Came back, June 23, 2023, after a few days of break ta hopefully plan a layout 'n add some personalizations(?) ta make everything look nicer. I added a lil' kitty (WebNeko, Pink by Abby), on the top right corner. Clickin' on it will have the lil' guy chase the cursor until ya click on 'im again. 'e's a lil slow so I might change 'im around l8r, any idea's?

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|| Started June 19, 2023, accidental loss of progress due ta pc update, restarting June 20, 2023 ta hopefully flesh things out a bit more. Completed the day w/ setting up a colour scheme, figuring out how ta border 'n colour thingys, messin' 'round w/ gifs, addin' a marquee 'n settin' up a column. All in all, for one days worth of work I'm bomb diggity with my progress. :) Gonna add more gifs when I come back >:))

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|| Webcity done got created yo.

S'My Notices
  • Slow progress on the theme update but 'm gettin' there jus' gonna take a little since life issue exsist yolo.
  • Hot chicks yum yum